Keyman Insurance

If you have a successful business that is at risk of losing everything due to the loss of one or more people who play an important part in the thriving of your business, it is important to protect the lives of these people efficiently and carefully. Prudential offers a smart approach where life insurance is […]

Prudential Medical Card

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) with the collaboration of Hospital Alliance Services (HAS) has created a Medical Card under the name of PRUhealth that allows its holder to receive the best medical treatment in any medical centres and affiliated hospitals of PAMB. In addition, any PAMB policyholders with the card are able to make a […]

PruBSN Ummah

Many people plan for the big things in life. We plan for a good life and we plan for the well being of our loved ones. In our pursuit for all these good things in life, as Muslims, we ought to also prepare for spiritual fulfillment, among others is Hajj obligation as per required by […]