Life Insurance Comes FIRST Before Investing!

I had a great day yesterday attending a unit trust investment-linked course.
It was great to have someone as good as the trainer to refresh the knowledge, and to share some true stories and experience that’s relevant to the industry and as moral stories.
And I especially love when he said “always tell your client to buy LIFE INSURANCE FIRST before investing”
In other words, he’s telling to protect your family FIRST before anything!
It was damn right.
Damn right it is.

Someone would say, why should I get a life insurance policy?
I’m rich, maaa.
I have all the money in the world. I can buy anything, I can pay anything.
Hospitalization bill?
Kawtim. Small matter. Small hole in the pocket only.

Hold it right there, people.
Why should you pay using your hard-earned money, right from your pocket, when Prudential can take care of everything?
Do you know that our maximum medical card coverage is unlimited?

And if you’re still young, non-smoker, working in the office some more… it’s cheaper than those with higher risk, higher number of age etc.
So if you have been taking a good care of yourself, and you’re making great amount of money, investing here and there, then you’re actually already in the must-have category.
Not that I’m telling only rich people can buy life insurance.
It’s just that the richer you are, buying life insurance is actually to protect your wealth as well.
Why spend your precious RM100,000 to pay hospitalization bill, when you can just let Prudential pay that and you can spend your RM100,000 shopping or traveling overseas?

And even if you think your salary is damn small, trust me, we can work something out.

Prudential’s range of products are very wide and comprehensive.
From life insurance, to retirement plan, savings plan and even hajj/umrah plan!
Whatever your needs are, it’ll be fulfilled!
Except that if you’re already diagnosed with illnesses, then you’re chance is completely gone.
So why worry, just trust me.
Most importantly, trust Prudential!
Aren’t we the Face You Can Trust?
We’re the No. 1 insurance company in Malaysia for many reasons!
We’re 1Billion in 2010 for many, many great reasons!