PRUcash double reward (PCDR)

What is PRUcash double reward (PCDR)?

It is a regular premium endowment plan that gives you an ANNUAL GUARANTEED PAYOUT from the end of first year policy + coverage on death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

Who can take up PRUcash double reward (PCDR)?

Any individual between the ages of 1 – 65 years on their next birthday who:

1) Wants a savings plan with DOUBLE PROTECTION
2) Wants a steady payouts and bonuses.

That means, you can also get for your children!

How much premium do I need to save?

It is determined by:

1) Entry age
2) Gender
3) Smoking status
4) Type of plan chosen

The allocation of this plan is VERY limited and it is a HOT, HOT selling plan. It is open for limited time, and time is running fast! Book your plan with me now! Do not hesitate, we’re proven the BEST!