Prudential Medical Card

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) with the collaboration of Hospital Alliance Services (HAS) has created a Medical Card under the name of PRUhealth that allows its holder to receive the best medical treatment in any medical centres and affiliated hospitals of PAMB. In addition, any PAMB policyholders with the card are able to make a claim on preauthorization in their medical billing which is subjected to its term and conditions. Although, the service is accepted once the holder need hospitalization due to major injuries or critical illness, it would only been applicable to the holder with minor injuries after the fourth month of their application.

It is a good idea to own the card as it could help many peoples to save their money on any medical treatment especially when they are retired. Moreover, the people would also get at least 9% of annual return rate and numerous claims whenever they want it and at whatever cost of the treatment needed. Therefore, the card can be described as one of the good product in the market for peoples who want the medical protection and financial stability. Nevertheless, the card also comes with flaws for older applicant whom wants to request insurance from the company as it might cost both the applicant and the company a high sum of money for the treatment to be covered compare to the younger applicant.

The PRUhealth required the applicant to be in between 1 to 70 years old during application and it is expires on whether 70, 80 or 100 years old depended on the choice of the applicants. The applicants can purchased it with deductible option between RM3,000 to RM10,000 and then attached it to PRUmy child or PRUlink which is another insurance policies offered by PAMB. Also, the medical coverage of PRUhealth can further be enhanced with extra premium plan to the (1) PRUannual limit waiver, where the holders can claim their exceeding annual limit which is only for the holders with the PRUhealth plan of RM200 and above, (2) PRUmedic overseas, where the holders can opt to seek advice or medical treatment in other country particularly a surgery in Singapore, Hong Kong or China, (3) PRUmedic auto upgrade, where the holders would get their plan automatically upgraded to the next higher plan on 5th and 10th anniversary, and (4) PRUmedic retirement, where the holders with deductible option would be switched automatically to coinsurance option upon retirement at age of 55 or above.

To put it briefly, anyone whom spend a minimum of RM100 per months on the plan would receive a coverage up to RM500,000 on their lifetime insurance which make Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) one of the best insurance company in the country with a great coverage of investment, savings and protection. Whereas the Prudential Medical Card also offers them one of the widest coverage for surgery bills and hospitalization that would be paid by the company once the holder shows their card. Apart from that, the Medical Card holders will be reward with No Claim Bonus which is one of a medical plan that would give them an annual bonus of RM500 when the holders don’t make any claims for the year, thus add up their investment value or the option to withdrawn it.

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