What is Your Retirement Dream?

If you said “to actually RETIRE”, you are in the right intention.
No one actually wants to hit 45 years old, or 55 years old and still have to work 9-5pm or even 9-9pm.
You must be a damn workaholic if you said you do.
It is not normal, everyone wants to enjoy a serene and tranquil life surrounded by their grandsons and granddaughters.

So how to actually retire?
Here is my rough suggestion.

1. Know your retirement number. That means, identify how much do you need to survive retirement including the expenses to actually enjoy retirement life ie traveling expenses etc.

2. Identify at what age you wanna retire. 30? 50? Of course, the younger the better.

3. Find the right financial vehicle to work towards achieving your golden retirement number or target. At Prudential, we may recommend products for example PRUretirement growth or PRUretirement accummulator  & Pinjaman peribadi that will ensure to grow your retirement fund as well as to provide steady income after you retire.

Roughly, knowing your retirement number + identifying right investment vehicle will help you to actually retire, finally.